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First of all, I’d highly recommend Performance for all your PT needs. You’re treated like a patient, not a paycheck. Upon arrival, your case, needs, expectations are covered one on one with a real person/therapist. A program is set up where actual hands on movements are used to improve your condition immediately. Than exercises are used to improve your condition. Everything is explained in a manner you’re able to understand and the need for them. Any and all questions are answered should a area of concern occur, etc.

They are so good, my surgeon told me to thank my therapist from her for the excellent, fine job that facilitated my quick recovery in the short time I was there. Everything is top notch from when you walk in, till you leave back to normal.

Thanks, Kris and staff
Gerry G.

Kris and staff are amazing! They make you feel welcomed from time you walk in the door through the entire PT Rehab process. Unfortunately, my husband and I have been to Kris numerous times for various “injuries” through the year. We always come back to Kris, because of the superior therapy he provides. Kris is honest and very personable, as is his staff too! I would highly recommend Performance Sports Therapy!”

-Lisa F.


“You couldn’t ask for more personalized care from Kris & staff. Rehabbed after surgery with great results. Kris is so caring and genuine. He has a great sense of humor too! When you check in with Jodi, she is always very friendly and personable.”

- Linda R.


“After having a shoulder reversal replacement first and being recommended to Performance Sports Physical Therapy by my wife who was a patient there many years ago I was very pleased I did because Kris, Alyssa and the team are (Professional) as the name says. Needless to say the following 2 years I needed 2 total knee replacements and (PSPT) was where returned without hesitation for therapy again with tremendous results and will again if ever the need arises!”

 - Andrew Shearer


“I’m recovering from double knee replacement and just spent 7 weeks rehabbing with Kris Schultz and can not say enough good things about the hands-on care I received from Kris and his staff. I would rate them on a one to ten scale at a 10 plus.”

- John G


“Alyssa from Performance Sports Physical Therapy was tremendous in working with me over 20 sessions to bring full range of motion back to my right shoulder.  After the epic November snowstorm my right shoulder range of motion became limited.  Alyssa developed a program tailored at building strength and various resistance exercises to slowly increase the strength flexibility and mobility to the problem area.  I am happy to report a full recovery over the last year.”

- John G


“I had complete tears of my rotator cuff and labrum and had surgery in October
2010. One week after surgery I visited Performance Sports 2x a week for
rehabilitation of my shoulder. Just to let everyone know the service was great,
the scheduling was easy and the therapy was outstanding. After 5 months of
therapy I was able to begin boxing workouts for conditioning without any
problems and after coming off a major surgery I can only attribute that to the
therapy I received from Kris. As a little league baseball coach I was also
worried I would not be able to throw the ball in time for the season but sure
enough I was ready and I am able to pitch to the kids. I would recommend
Performance Sports to anyone needing any kind of therapy, can’t be beat!”

- Russell C.


Just thought I’d let you know that I saw Dr. Stegemann today and he was
extremely happy with my progress. I told him I owed it all to you and let him
know how great you were to work with. He was quite impressed that you took my
problem with the microwave and developed an exercise for me that would enable me
to get past this problem. By the way, it worked.

- Loretta B.


“I work in construction, my shoulder had been in bad shape for 5 years or so.
After going to other P.T. establishments, a specialist referred me to Kris at West
Seneca, and I have never felt better. I am righted handed but the way the staff
helped me I feel my left side is as strong or stronger than the right. Awesome
job they did!”

- Michael A.


“I have received physical therapy several times over the years for different injuries. I always received resolution to my problem. Can’t say enough how great my therapist, Dennis, has been. He is very passionate about his patients and takes pride in his abilities. I have recommended Performance Sports to friends and many professionals without hesitation or concern. Kris and Dennis are amazing therapists. I would recommend them highly.”

- Nancy F.


I had to see Dr. Stegmann regarding a different issue. When we came out of the exam room, there was another Dr. from his group there, and he told him that I was his #1 success story regarding the shoulder replacement and rehab. I made a point of giving you all of the credit possible for the time that you put into my recovery and for sharing the info I needed to continue the process at home.

Every time that I think about that shoulder (which is not too often because it is never an issue) I remember the effort you made to help me to get to where I am.


- Phil M.


Performance sports physical therapy is a great place with an amazing and friendly staff! My son and I loved the fact that we could do therapy at the same time!
The therapists are very knowledgable and present your progress in laymen terms. Kudos to you for the great place you have created for your clients.

- Catherine L.


I had a low back issue approximately 4 years ago… was advised by a fellow co-worker to try Performance Sports. I had tried formal PT in the past which did not resolve my issues. I was unable to walk properly for three months. I had one visit at Performance sports and was approximately 80% better after only one visit. I had two to three follow up visits, then my pain was completely resolved. I have never experienced anything like it. I thought the technique used was amazing and i have referred family and friends to this facility since that time. I was truly amazed at the difference. I credit my visits to your office with my successful recovery. Thank you very much!

- Elizabeth L.

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